Monday, December 04, 2006

Cello: August 1986 - December 4 2006

I am now officially two cats old. Dad just called with the sad news that Cello (as in the instrument), my 20-year-old cat, died at 3:30-something this morning. Poor girl. She had an amazing, long life, and despite deafness and thyroid problems towards the end, she was in relatively good, if frail, health. She snuck outside a few days ago when dad went out for a couple of hours, and she got stuck outside in the cold. We suspect that this hastened her end.

I'm so glad I visited my folks on Saturday and had a chance to see her - I didn't outwardly know it, but on some level I think I realised it was goodbye. It all makes sense now.

Sleep well, Snit. I'll miss you.