Monday, April 03, 2006

The first step is admitting you have a problem...

...and I most certainly don't! HaHA!

...okay: I must admit, I was a teensy little bit blown away when I realise how much sock yarn I have. Enough to make 28 pairs, I think it is. But I love it!

Look! I got me the yarn tote from the latest knit.1! It's made by Erin at Anatomy of a Skirt. Some other post, I must publish a photo of the infamous Captain Bad, who is now hanging on the bag strap. He looks a lot like this "ball and crossticks" -- as he's made out of a single piece of string. Freaky-weird, or whut?

I've been a busy beastie lately and have finished a few things.
The Noro Cat capelet (love those self-taken blurrystreak photos, hmmm?):

A Fleece Artist Goldilocks shawl (purchased during the famous Knitting Olympics closing ceremonies Romni Run):

and half of a pair of Fleece Artist Basic Merino socks on suicidal 2.5 mm needles:
I have sock paranoia. I can never tell if I have enough to complete the second sock, thanks to my size 10-ish feet. And it kills me every time. I need to learn to knit toe-up. Yeah, that's it. And start at each end of the ball so I can monitor my progress. Yeah, yeah. There we go.

I've started a few projects, too.
A Fleece Artist Splendid Sofa afghan (are you sensing a theme, here?):
It's like knitting with human-head-sized giant balls of muppet fur. I'm so digging the colours. And I'm using Addi turbo needles for the first time, which are so easy to knit with it's almost orgasm-worthy. But not quite as thrilling as running my hands through the aforementioned knitted muppet fur. I mean, how can you say no to this:

On Fri I cast on a pair of Regia Canadian Colours Ontario socks for my partner in crime, who'll be birthdaying in the near future:
I chose this yarn for me, but to my consternation, t decided he muchly liked it too - so being the stellar girlfriend that I am, I began knitting them up for him. He'll have the flashiest toes ever.

Last but not least, I'm starting a Fleece Artist Silk Vee top (sure hope it'll fit!):

In other news, am about to learn how to spin (Yes, Virginia. We have created a monster.). And the DKC Knitter's Frolic is happening in April...and in May is the TTC Knit-a-Long part deux!

*rocks back and forth, knits and cackles*


Mel said...

Hooray! Best photos ever!

Those are some mightily pink socks you're knitting for Mr. T!

Sandi Purl said...

when u post, u sure do post, eh!?
nice work, sister! very nice indeed.

mishka said...

I love, love, LOVE your capelet. I made one last month for a wedding and now I am determined to fit all sortsa capelets into my daily wardrobe.

mishka said...

Oh boy - I just listened to the Thundercats audio-outtakes! Bwahahahaa! Thanks for telling me about them :D

Ah... Mumm-ra saying "I want to see your tits" is a classic...

Needle Addict said...

Hey! I just found your blog. Holy cow! that's a lot of sock yarn.

Jen said...

holy shit Sophie! that sock yarn is AMAZING!