Monday, July 24, 2006

Hail, Arachne!

*insert fanfare with ancient Greek instruments here*

You eight-legged vixen, you. Yes, I saw the backwards knitting article in the latest Knitty. I even printed it off. But it was so long and involved that I didn't get beyond a cursory skim.

So I know it was your doing tonight when I idly picked up my Knitter's Handbook to see if it had anything pithy to say about Continental knitting -- and instead came across a simple, two-step explanation for knitting in reverse. My head filled with a chorus of singing muses, and I raised my voice aloud in your praise and cried: "This is fucking brilliant!!!"

I prostrate myself at your spidery feet in gratitude.
Oh look - you're wearing little handknitted spider socks.

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