Saturday, October 28, 2006

Me buy yarn on the TTC Knitalong? That's as likely as Elvis being alive.

Elvis wows the crowd with his killer combo of a knitted pompadour and curled upper lip.

Elvis, being Elvis, just had to try on my Clapotis.
And where else would the King re-materialise but Alterknit, Toronto's newest yarn store?
Elvis tries to find out how sensitive Jen's girlhole really is.
Nadia models her gorgeous handknitted coat.
Next stop, Princess Haley's Knitomatic (note Pluto, The Loudest Lovebird in the Universe, on her shoulder. He kinda blends in with the yarn).

Dread Pirate Vivienne, flush with victory after pillaging Knitomatic. And as the saying goes: Where there's pirates, there's zombies. Not even death could keep Erin from the Knitalong. Tom's sister Sandy and niece Laura, an accomplished knitter in her own right, pose with Al Paca. Sandy was running a fever, so it's amazing that they were able to join us, even for a little while.

One of the many faces of Lilly, at this moment reflecting her concern that there are loads of people waiting for the Bathurst streetcar -- but no streetcar.
Susan, filled with evil glee after frightening an innocent bystander into deserting the back of the Spadina streetcar.
Jen, still harshing the clown. (Jen is knitting the scarf on her shoulder for a friend. She doesn't like the colourway, and declared that it looked like dead clown. Michelle (avec camera) remarked that it was more like pure├ęd clown. After slagging off the colours for most of the morning, Jen decided that she'd been "harshing the clown" too much. Michelle now has a new favourite saying.)
Stop harshing the clown! Be drinkable!

Jacquie (a.k.a. The Devil Wears Clappy), overcome whilst trying to hold my yarn. She was unable to actually look at it all because she ran out of hands.

Here it is - that better? I'm highly pleased, yet also mortified at the size of the haul.
Maybe I can take some lessons from Elvis on places to hide it.

And that's the short version.
Thanks to the folks at Alterknit, Knitomatic and Lettuce Knit for making Team North's day so fantastic! You guys are the best yarn stores a girl could ever want to visit.


Yosemite said...

Great pics Sophie. This Knit-A-Long is great. I hope we get a even bigger crowd in May.

jacquieblackman said...

Ha! You are soooooo bad, yet so good! I want to come to your house and roll around in your yarn.

Great shots of The King!

BTW - I feel the look on my face is very Dali-esque

Soosan said...

Out of my many comments for the day, I can't take credit for "pureed clown" but I do agree with the sentiment. I did however make reference to "Dead My Little Pony" while at Lettuce Knit.

I love how the Elvis Fro manages to sneak in to more than a few photos. muahaha

Orange Sweater Lilly said...

Hey Sophie!
I had such a riot with you at the knit-a-long!
Thanks again for helping to organize...and enable a tremendous amount of yarn purchasing...what am I going to do with all that yock sarn??? I mean sock yarn...I'm so yarned-over today!
See you soon

Rocketbride said...

be drinkable? ha! that's great. finally we have an acceptable comment for the henry rollins doll i knit for my brother, but blake adopted.

Yvette said...

Boo hoo, everyone had fun but me. Curses on working weekends!
However, your great pictures help me to live vicariously through the likes of people with Saturdays off

madhatress said...

Wow! A pic of me in my coat! Thanks Sophie, I may have to steal it....
Good times :)

Lorena said...

I think I need to move to Toronto. What great yarn stores (and what great fun) you have!

Vivienne said...

Dude -- was that fun or what? We'll rock it the next time, oh yes, we will!

Nora said...

Too funny - some of those pics made coffee come out my nose... and all over the laptop. x

Sandi Purl said...

yes, let's BE drinkable, dang it! what a rawkin'ly wonderful yarn of a time we had...knit on! and long live the king!

jacquie - you ARE sooo dali-esque! jacquie-esque, even!

Peggy said...

I see with my little eyes... lots of Koigu sock yarn? And a few skeins of Fleece Artist/Handmaiden... I think it was a good idea I didn't go... I have zero will power! Looked like a lot of fun!!
And thanks for bringing in the swift on Wed... I was blown away!

Mel said...

OMG...Sandi is nuts. I love it.

YAY Knitalong! I'm so sad I had to miss it :(

Diane said...

great pictorial of the TTC Knit-a-long...looks like everyone had lotsa fun!