Monday, June 11, 2007

Tea Swap - Thanks Dorene!

Dorene sent me a little bit of Southern hospitality from her holiday home in South Carolina. We have virtually identical tastes - both in teas and in colours - so the treats I got were absolutely perfect!
Here we have: loose Darjeeling from the mighty Republic of Tea (love their stuff!), a little candle in a warm-drinky-themed box, some Southern Raspberry Mix, which Tom has already busted into and pronounced perfect in Diet Coke, Nana's Been-a-Nut Bread, and some Indian Breakfast tea, which is a lovely, punchy black blend that me loves. I'll have to see if I can get this again.

I particularly like the recipe on the nut bread bag. An excerpt: Git ya muffin pans out an greez 'em up real good. Set dis aside jus a minute.


And then there's the yarn - Cherry Tree Hill supersock in a fabbo colourway called Misty Moor.

Thanks so much, Dorene! You did a super job on your first swap - good on ya'!


Lorena said...

You know if I ever get to TO you're going to have to lock up that breath-taking piece of artwork. I don't care that it looks huge, I *will* fit it in my suitcase.

Nora said...

Love how you photographed your goodies!!

Dorene said...

Aw shucks... I'm so glad thad ur took a liken' to the stuff!