Thursday, September 06, 2007

evener keel

That'd be a great name for a character in a novel, wouldn't it?

Today's a great example of medicine's effectiveness. I'm ready to fight crime...or at least get on with it. :)

I wish I had some telepathic way of doing stuff at home when I'm not there. I'm feeling inspired to sort stuff out, but by the time I return, the powerful tractor beam emitted by my computer will probably override the finest of intentions. At least I'm a Slayer of Giants in the electronic realm...


ArcticFox said...

Well, you've got me beat then. A slayer of giants? I am merely a washer up of plates, and perhaps a little dance to some salsa before I have to go to bed to get up and go to work.... and the whole thing starts over again. At least I have a machine that makes chocolates!!

"Washer of pots"


Urban Daddy said...


Even Keel? Evener Keel? Is that like being on a more even keel? LOL.

Happy birthday yesterday!