Wednesday, February 06, 2008

...are you there, dad? --it's you, Margaret!!

(...with apologies to Judy Blume)

Mel tells me this little beauty was born on Jan 30th at the Chester Zoo in Merseyside, which is pretty much the same part of the world from which dad hailed. Heck, if you're gonna come back, you might as well be a giraffe, right?


Sandi Purl said... sweet. i want one! giraffes must run in your family -- isn't there a famous sophie out there that all of the cool kids have?

ArcticFox said...

Hi Soph... hope you're ok.... nice giraffe BTW... Give me a shout sometime and we can go kenopopping together!! I've managed to get Pogo Island for my nintendo DS so even when I'm not pogoing I'm still pogoing... brilliant.... it's like discovering the missing link!

Love ya lots.


ArcticFox said...

saw this .... thought of you ducks!!