Monday, August 07, 2006

Knitting ADD - now with added coffee

Early yesterday evening, my hair smelt vaguely of good coffee - a happy reminder of my day with Jacquie at Tango Palace. We spent over five hours knitting in a coffee shop. Five hours. Five hours of really good coffee/latt├ęs. Five hours of knitting five projects between the two of us. Five hours drooling over their ridiculously good collection of snacks. Five hours of people-watching. Marathon knit.

And then Jacquie came by mine to borrow my ball winder. I cringe still at the state of my apartment. "Well," she said generously, "at least there's a path from the door. You can work with that." I think she may have been kind of freaked out at the state of the place. I certainly was. Let's just say that this afternoon will feature a serious tidy-up - after another coffee at the Tango Palace.

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jacquieblackman said...

Ha! You are so funny. I think I was more overwhelmed with the oven-like temperature in your apartment than the disarray. I was half expecting a giant baster to come crashing through the doorway and splash us with our own sweaty juices. Ok that was gross, but you get a good idea as to how I felt.

You can invite me over now that the weather has cooled off no matter what state your apartment is in. Just give me a path to walk in! :)