Monday, August 28, 2006

leaving on a midnight brain

Eyes are sandy. (read: eyes=itchy, rather than 'looking at our Sandi') Yawns are broad and world-encompassing. Brain has transformed into a creeping slug. Yet I'm sleepless and knitting in the blue glow of the monitor, playing Civ IV and knitting around and around on a sock in the dark. I'd forgotten how comforting socks are. It's like...not a palate cleanse, exactly - though it is that - but a means of coming back to earth, a re-rooting in the midst of a thousand-thousand projects and the daily barrage of transit trips, e-mails, meetings, phone calls and sundry little stresses.

Must post progress pictures soon and wax ambitious about my latest project-at-the-ready. The yarn-cannon is loaded...just waiting for the order to fire.

1 comment:

Mel said...

I love Lana Grossa sock yarn. So much. So, so much. I see much sock yarnage in my future.

Cruel, cruel cotton.