Friday, September 22, 2006

And more pix again!

...This time thanks to Melhalla, taker of photos and creatrix of t-shirts.

For those that are curious, it reads 'I came, I saw, I knitted' in Latin.

Sandi has unofficially titled this one 'A happy coupla knit sluts'. All I have to say to you, Ms. Sandi, is - oh wait. I left my shoe at home.

And speaking of Sandi, here she is making like a bird and offering Jay a snack.

I think this is my most favourite photo. After the distress with which I started the evening, this pretty much sums up how I was feeling by the end.

And in other news, the new issue of Spacing is out, featuring a photo of yours truly (scroll down), along with Jen, Vivienne and Erin. Join us for the next Knitalong!



Looks like a fun time. The Latin t-shirt: what can I say? FANTASTIC!!!

Sandi Purl said...

thanks for the pix mel and thanks for sharing sophie. jay and i have started a new feeding frenzy! all of the kids are doing it! be right back, gotta get my shoe out of the washroom....;-p

Anonymous said...

Love the t-shirt:D

The green sweater is too cute did you knit that?

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