Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I can see! I can see!

Found the camera, dozing in a bag in the trunk of t's mum's car, where it had been forgotten post-cottage unload.

So I've added pix to my birthday post, but have added some here, too.

I must tell you of Ramsden. The very first time I set foot in Romni Wools last year, there was a little goth sheep hanging out with the other sheeptoys. He was gorgeous, and had his very own cable-and-bobble sweater. I didn't want to spend the $20 to take him home, but I always dreamt of doing so, and made a point of saying hello to him every time I visited. A couple of months ago, I wandered in -- and he was gone. I was so sorry, and immediately realised that I should have taken him home the moment we met. A few weeks later, mum produced him when we were 'down the pub' and said "I bought him as a birthday present, but I'm starting to enjoy him too much and am afraid that if I don't give him to you now I'll want to keep him." Hooray! She bought him right under my nose -- the first time she'd visited Romni. In this pic, he's wearing a special sari silk party hat, knitted especially for him. I figure he needed some fancy duds to celebrate.

Two weeks to the move, and it seems like now is a good time to think about packing, hmmm? At least I'm only going 10 floors up.

In other news, I've started yet another project studiously avoids mentioning all the socks and have launched into a Clapotis. It was tough finding something that seemed just right for le clapo de soho, but I ended up buying a whole bag of the new Lang Mille Colori in colourway 46. After a prolonged internet search, I think I may be the very first person in the universe to attempt a clapo with this yarn. It's even hard at the mo to find good pictures of the colourways (by the way, my suspicion is that yarn sellers are creating their own names for the colours). There are no pics out there that do them justice. But know what? The yarn's gorgeous. A bit loosely twisted, so it's rather fluffy and splits a bit, but this hasn't caused a problem. It's smooth and pretty darn soft, and fun to knit with. I took one shot with the flash, and even though it's blurry, I included the other one because it better represents what the eye sees - it's a little less stark and more painterly (and no, that's not my way of describing the blur ;) ). I'm excited about starting another ball that has yellow in it; this should add another interesting element to the mix. Hooray!

And in yet other news, have joined a tea/knitting swap (button at right). Looking forward to it. I must also knit these socks. And these. Arrr matey.


Mel said...

Mmm yargh, the clap be mighty fine, me hearty!

I love the photos in your previous post. The artwork is exactly how I imagined it when you described it. I can't wait to see it up. You'll never get rid of me -- I'll just stare at it for hours and hours. With my trowel in hand.


WOW! I love that yarn!

Sophia said...

You should see the other colourways! I'd definitely use it again. :)