Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Hello! Hello! I'm here!

A bit tattered around the edges and pretty much all awol, all the time at the moment, but I am alive! I have pictures of various green things to post, including my kingdom and some fiddleheads I had for dinner the other night, and a picture of Kelly to prove that she made it up here from Florida and is in one piece.

So many pictures, so many stories. All trapped in my head, along with the rest of me...

*goes off to fight crime*


Nora said...

Why, hello there.

Lorena said...

Tee! Kelly texted me from Lettuce Knit last night. So! Very! Jealous! LOL!

Joe & Beth said...

Kelly was at Lettuce Knit!?!?

Day-umm. Jealousy doesn't even scratch the surface.