Saturday, May 26, 2007

knitting it together

Jane Thornley is in town for the weekend. Mum and I are taking two classes with her at Lettuce Knit. Jane's all about organic knitting, and knitting within a chosen colour palette (aka 'colour story') using yarns of different weights and textures. For a person with a generally gnat-sized attention span, changing up all these colours, weights and stitches feels like being in an oasis.

I'm trying to incorporate different weights and textures into my personal story as well. I think of you all every day, all the time. I'm so glad you're out there, and I apologise that I can be difficult to know, or that my experiences can be difficult to take in. Please bear with me, if you can - I'm determined to bring this black dog to heel, and get back to life.



Natalie said...

I wish you luck in reining in the black dog. We'll be here cheering you on!

Peggy said...


We'll miss you.

MezzoDiva said...

Hang in there, Sophie!
I know you can make it a few more days. Remember to breathe. And do all the self-nurturing things you can/want whenever possible.

And come for cake on Wednesday!

Not An Artist said...

Belated hugs. People understand.

(ps, ever since you said "W-T-F Mate?" at the last drunken knitting I've been unable to stop saying it myself... its getting embarassing, I say it no matter how random and inappropriate it is)

Lorena said...

Hang in there, yes! You're taking steps to take care of yourself, no matter how scary that might be. Of course I wish there was something that I could do, but it sounds like you have such a great support group way up there. Don't be afraid, or ashamed, of letting yourself be taken care of by loved ones. Can I be your Sunshine State Cheerleader? It's brave of you to be so up-front about it, and to talk to us. Way down here, wishing you all the best, and peace of heart and strength to fight through it. Yarny hugs, yo!

ArcticFox said...

how did the organic knitting thing go? Hope it was good.

You should come and join me playing cooking mama on my nintendo.... if you thought guitars was good, then shaking a wok is even better.