Friday, April 13, 2007

Hang the DJ...and a finished object

'Hang the DJ' sounded more interesting than 'Panic'.

I'm completely squirrelly at the moment. Not sure what's wrong - I'm agitated, and had a panic attack at work today. I fled. Took more antidepressants than usual and plied myself with tea. It sort of helped, but I spent the day pacing the apartment and feeling freezing cold. Weird.

In more delightful news, I finished something! They're for a lovely someone far away. Fetching, from Knitty, knitted in RYC Silk Wool in Greenwood.

Am spending the evening trying to sit still long enough to teach myself to crochet. So far, so good...


Natalie said...

I hate it when I get agitated, makes me all nervous. But the description of squirrely is perfect! I hope you had luck in calming down.

Sandi Purl said...

fetching fetching! stunning! I can try to help with the hooking if you like ;-)