Sunday, April 22, 2007

Over the Moon

When I departed from England, Jason gave me a set of art cards featuring some of Andy Goldsworthy's winter work.

Because they remind me of my wonderful visit and of my kindred-spirit-cousin - and because they're so beautiful - I decided they needed special treatment. I picked them up today, and I couldn't be more pleased. Tom and I put them up this afternoon, and I have no words to express the pleasure and delight these bring.

Thanks, Jase


ArcticFox said...

very very nice work indeed, they look stunning, and far better than they ever did when they were stuck in my delapidated, unused, mouldy spare bedroom!!

you've done them proud.

So glad they'll serve as a "nice" reminder of the trip over here.


Nora said...

Beautiful Sophia.

I'm soo glad I found you again - I'd lost you for a while and had to go through my comments to find a link.

I've now subscribed and will drop by whenever you post! x