Sunday, April 15, 2007

In the morning, I walked 10K. In the afternoon, I wrestled a lion.

The day started with the Stone Roses. "This is for you, Dan," I said aloud, as I strode off to catch the bus to the MS Walk checkpoint.Well, not really. The day started more like this:

Alarm. Hit snooze. Alarm. Hit snooze. Alarm. Hit snooze. Alarm. Hit snooze. Alarm. Dark. Fumblestumblefindclothes. Search through piles on top of dresser. Aha! Toss. Thump. Aha! Toss. Thump. Aha! Toss. Thump. "Sophe - you okay?" Sleepy mumble. "Yup, love, I'm fine." "Oh, well you were tossing clothes on the bed..." Hmmm. Sports bra. T-shirt. Thermo-soft-red-sporty-top. Thermals. Workout leggings. Looksfunnywiththermals. Other leggings. Zippy black sweater-thing. Rain gear. Socklets. Insanelywhitetrainers. Giant 1-L thermos of teathanksTom.

The day continued with the Stone Roses.

I knew I'd found the checkpoint when I heard the Ozzy Osbourne. Really. 8:30 a.m. Freezing. Zero degrees C (about 30 F). Freezearsefreezearsefreezearsefreezearse. Found Lynn. Opening ceremonies with much talk of freezing weather. FreezefreezefreezeANDTHEY'REOFF!

Trudgetrudgetrudgeinagiantherdofpeopleandexciteddogswearingt-shirts(yesthedogs). The first checkpoint came inhumanly, unreally soon. Then we were halfway and turned for the walk back. Achy calves. Hmmm...not so cold. A cheering crowd to celebrate our return. Free hot dogs and Loblaws PC choccy chip cookies. actually is still freaking cold. We were obviously delusional (though I prefer to think of it as warm from the walk).

10 K! We walked 10 K! It wasn't so bad, but it sure sounds impressive. Took under an hour and a half. Small price for the incredibly generous $1200 or so donated by so many lovely people. Thank you all!

Lynn, sporting a fine hand-knit hat and scarf:Yours truly, suffering delusions of warmth at the halfway mark.The afternoon was spent in fine company at AlterKnit.

Knitting Royalty [har har] (TitBitBeryl and AmyKnitty, who will just love this photo...):

Crazy friends that make me laugh (Sandi, Jacquie, Jen, and Mel). Lucky, lucky me!


Sandi Purl said...

congrats on the big walk! and thank you for another wonderfully yarny yappity yappy afternoon!

jacquieblackman said...

Yes, congrats on your walking success!

I'm so glad that you joined us for the afternoon and I was able to give you your preeeeeseeeeent. Check out Archie McPhee here.


Lorena said...

Awesome! And I mean that in the Eddie Izzard sense of the word, standing and gasping and pointing. You are a SUPASTAH!

Mel said...

Hooray! Congrats on the big walk!

I'm glad I crawled out of my dark cave on Sunday aft. Now I just need to learn to stop hunching over like some sort of giant. I swear I look twenty pounds heavier when I stand up straight.

Oh and please help me do something with my hair. Please.

Pol said...

Fox as a Walrus! Hilarious lol

SpeakEasy said...

Congrats on the big walk!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the big walk!
Haven't seen you in a while; missed you. Hope you "come out to play" soon!

ArcticFox said...

very very well done with the walk.... I'm proud of ya, and I know, up there, there's a little star that shines somewhat brighter now.


Nora said...

Oh, what a day!!

Congratulations... and thank you!

My brother suffers from M.S. I haven't blogged about it yet, but it's true and real and AWFUL. So, thanks. Thanks for doing something about it. x