Saturday, May 02, 2009


My hair is now teh sex...or people wish it was, at least. I know it's 4 a.m. and that I live in an unusual neighbourhood and all, but 3 cars pulling over to await my approach in a 2-block span is a new record.

Richard did a great job, but he took off a lot. I trust him implicitly, and it's still long(ish), but I'm kinda afraid that once the straight blow-dry is overcome by the rampant curliness to follow, I'll end up looking like Einstein. On the bright side, pre-Raphaelite ringlets, here I come! I'm all about the romantical pre-Raphaelite thing.

Had a great night with Beth and Tim, talking, music-ing and philosophising. Using his patented sneak-attack camera approach, Tim managed to get a couple of pix of yours truly which even I think are kinda cute. Good job, man.

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jacquieblackman said...

You can't make a post like this and not post a pic. Give us the big reveal, darlin'!!