Thursday, May 07, 2009 much for dire prophecies of angst.

I'm actually feeling pretty good...though I've likely cursed myself by saying so.

Work's been rather productive, though purely from the perspective of self-reflection. You can do a whole lotta navel-gazing with 8 hours unsullied by actual things to do. That said, I'd dearly love to do a whole lotta under-desk sleeping right about now. But I will not. I mean, if I did, I'd miss cake at 3 p.m. And I'm all about cake.

My design-m'own-sweater is progressing...though, I hasten to add, not at work--even I have limits.

Have declared my complete lack of interest in being a comet, and am feeling peaceful about that.

After tearing apart just about every as-yet-unpacked box in my place last night, I sat under my computer desk and chewed on my arm at my failure to find my Oblivion discs. After reading Living in Oblivion in its entirety, I'm jonesing for a serious hit of game. I'd forgotten how beautiful it is. Now I pick up where I left off with an old character, or start a new one? Hmmm. Best start thinking of names now, since it takes me a painfully long time, made even more painful when I'm torn between wanting to play and wanting to come up with something good and staring at the screen. But if I'm going to spend potentially hundreds of hours with whoever-it-is, then dammit, a Name They Shall Have (tm).

A pair of blue sneakers passed me on the sidewalk last night, and strangely, they made me smile.

Impending events: Drunken Knitters on Friday (hooray!), and the Balloonacy Cabaret on Saturday with my superintendent and his girlfriend (hooray!).

So the angst may well rear its head, but right now, I'm muddling along in good spirits. How long has it been since I've been able to say that?? Go me.

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