Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I removed a dead tree from my bedroom last night.

My neighbour knocked on the door back in January or February. “Are you good with plants?” he asked. I warily responded that I had been known to keep them alive. “I just put a sick lime tree in the garbage—we’re tired of caring for it—but it’s so cold outside and I feel terrible about letting it freeze to death.”

I already knew the fate of said sickly tree (given my paltry reserves of energy), but I weakly agreed to take it in (given my paltry reserves of energy), complete with a bottle of spray for scale, which was its dire affliction. I religiously washed down the branches and remaining leaves for about a week before I decided to move it out of my narrow entranceway and into my bedroom…where it subsequently languished and died under my splendid inattention.

I got around to sweeping up the fallen leaves in mid-March.

Since then, I’ve been angling myself around its skeletal presence as I navigate my bedroom, thinking, “I really should get around to chucking this thing.” Apathy and embarrassment kept me from doing so for far, far too long.

Last night, I finally braced myself, hoisted the gargantuan urn, and, with its spindly occupant stabbing and scratching at me all the way, wrestled it to the garbage room and interred it in the giant skip housed therein.

This morning, I caught myself ducking around a non-existent wraithtree out of habit. Sometimes even positive change needs time for adjustment.

While in some ways it was a small action, it felt huge to me. I removed a dead tree from my bedroom last night.

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