Sunday, May 03, 2009

why I LOVE my city

Decided that, as a single nerd-girl on a Sat night, I should go to Sonic Boom and buy CDs. Which I did--a Smaug-sized haul, encompassing everything from Pure and the Northern Pikes to LL Cool J and Whodini.

En route to Spadina, eager to get home and bliss out down memory lane, I encountered a crowd on the sidewalk, and assumed it was a bizarrely disorganised queue for a new club...until I discovered they were listening to a band...performing from the back of a Budget cube van.

I was going to listen for a bit then wander on, but ultimately I spent about an hour and a half in the chilly evening, mesmerised, delighted, and dancing with a crowd of strangers to the Calrizians and the Slaxx (the former surf, and the latter bluesy rock). It was a priceless, priceless piece of wonderfulness, just watching people looking shocked, walking up and peering in to discover there actually was a drummer back there, then grinning, stopping, listening, whipping out camera phones, dancing, talking to strangers about how cool this was...drivers going by on Bloor, slowing down, rolling down windows, rubbernecking, honking, and driving away cheering. Cyclists pulling up, people running down the street to see if it really, really was happening like someone had said...

One of the drummers told me they'd rented the van for something else, then decided to do this at midnight last night, on a whim. They're playing a venue next week somewhere, and somewhere else the week after that. I do believe I may just go.

After the show, I asked if they had any openings for groupies.

Sometimes, I love this city so very, very much. Gorgeous, gorgeous night.

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